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Just like any industry, the construction industry has more than a few bad logos. However, maybe due to the creative eye of architects, the industry has more than their fair share of really good logos. Being that this logo had to stand up against some other quality work and the fact that I was doing it for one of the two people that gave me life, this one had to shine.
Two buildings casting shadows, forming the letter W. Dear old dad had the good fortune of sharing the same last name with me. I have spent an unhealthy amount of time contemplating the letter W and he reaped the benefits. I had been working on a similar concept for myself but could not find an industry tie-in. When dad said he was looking for a new logo, I almost immediately new the direction to go. That being said, the details still had not been worked out. After a lot of experimentation, the buildings began to take shape. They started off opaque, but due to a happy accident started to go transparent. The transparency infused them with a much more current look.