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Jason Wiggins Logo

Most creatives out there would agree that the hardest identity to establish is your own. A "Cobbler's Children have no shoes" scenario. It took about 14 years to arrive at this mark. In college, we created a personal identity for class. I got a good grade but was never in love with it. Then as a freelancer I had one that I was proud of for a short time. In 2013, it was time to finally finish this thing.
Logo of a three dimensional letter form contorted into impossible perspective. After brainstorming every word related to my industry and filling sketch books with countless doodles of symbols, letter lockups, and positive/negative plays, I realized I was over thinking it. I started moving around some shapes and had some success with the hexagon. The hexagon pulled into elongated shapes started to form my current mark. As I started to combine those shapes, I decided to play with a bit of impossible perspective. The direction was working but I wasn't crazy about the chunkiness of it. By outlining the edges and bringing in some vibrant to dark gradients, I was able to keep the thickness of the concept but with the appearance of a much lighter modern letterform.