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Ad Builder Demo Video

Quick Tip:

The video above is 20 minutes long. Click through to see the section most relevant to you.

The 4 second mark shows the XML tagging and script labeling of the InDesign File.

The 5 minute mark starts the section on administration of the files on the server and associating assets.

The 14 minute mark starts the steps for completing a test build and approximating the end user experience.

Historically, the Ad Builder tool was built by one organization and administered by us. We advised on feature sets, wireframing, functional specifications, and user acceptance testing of the system in this video.

The challenge occurred when a new organization was brought in to build a new system. During the process of moving the tool from one provider to another and redesigning it, it became apparent that there was a disconnect in terminology, capabilities, and expectations between the organizations involved.
Communication solved everything.

We asked the new provider if they had seen our existing system in action and how it was used. Surprisingly, they only had a rough grasp of how we were using our system.

We decided to create a video showing the entire process from basic InDesign file, through administration, and eventually being utilized in the existing tool. We distilled a complex task into a well received 20 minute video. This resulted in the new provider having a much deeper understanding of our system, the features, and how we use it.

They reciprocated with a training session showing their system compared to ours and how a system to system conversion could work.

Asking a simple question and then taking no more than a day to address the challenge at hand, saved countless hours of confusion and exceeded client expectations.