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Some of the info below can also be found in the “Logo // Identity” section of the portfolio. However, here we are going to delve a little deeper into color selections, fonts, and patterns.

When working on a new logo, it is crucial to continually think about how it is going to play out across all of your design needs. In my situation, that is primarily web, resume, print portfolio, and maybe a business card.

When work started on this new logo, I wanted something very thin and airy. But over the months that the logo was in development, it became apparent that more and more people and organizations were headed in that direction. Not wanting to give up on my initial direction, but hoping to avoid following the herd left me feeling a little conflicted.

After brainstorming seemingly every word related to my industry and filling sketch books with countless doodles of symbols, letter lockups, and positive/negative plays, I realized I was over thinking it. I started moving around some shapes and had some success with the hexagon. The hexagon pulled into elongated shapes started to form my current mark. As I started to combine those shapes, I decided to play with a bit of impossible perspective. The direction was working but I wasn’t crazy about the chunkiness of it. By outlining the edges and bringing in some vibrant to dark gradients, I was able to keep the thickness of the concept but with the appearance of a much lighter modern letter form. Finally, I had a mark that satisfied both my desire for something lighter and I broke free from all the sheeple with their skinny typeface logos.

Roboto was selected to accompany the mark because the line quality of Roboto relates very well to the outlined strokes of the “W” mark. It’s also a large family of typefaces with lots of variants. Plus, being a Google Font allows the ultimate in flexibility across mediums including web.

Meriweather was chosen as a serif face to accompany Roboto when needed. However, to date it has not been put to use. Partly because of the size and flexibility of the Roboto family. Meriweather was chosen because it has a similar “x” height to Roboto. The OldStyle Numerals are a nice contrast to the very inline geometric numerals of Roboto. It’s also a large family of typefaces with lots of variants as well as a Google font.

Due to the varying shapes and sizes of portfolio pieces, a pattern was desired to place behind the pieces. The pattern serves as a way to anchor the pieces to the page and offer consistency between unrelated pages. The pattern is based on the same lines, angles, and shapes of the “W” mark. However they are altered to work in an infinite, interlocking and repeating pattern.

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