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22 Jun 2017
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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

This morning I received an email from AIGA illustrating the new identity for Wing Wing. For the most part, I like it. Vibrant colors, patterns, and energetic icons all cash in on the popularity of K-pop. It’s fun!

My only issue is with the logo. While I do not claim an exclusive right to the use of the letter W, I do find it suspect that another agency created an impossible perspective W with the same perspective twists, rounded corners, stroked edges, and some similar greens, blues, and purples. Simply filling the white voids with patterns and doubling the W does not make a unique mark.

Before I created my logo back in 2013. I did extensive searches for W using impossible perspective and did not find a thing that resembled my design in any way.

With Wing Wing serving chicken and beer and Jason Wiggins Creative serving design needs, I’m not sure if I should be concerned with this development or not. We may be in two separate industries, but we both currently serve clients in London and New York. The agency that created this logo is also currently located in London.

I do have a concern that if Wing Wing grows in popularity, I will forever hear, “Hey man, your logo looks like the Wing Wing logo!” To which my response will be to forward a link to this posting.

In the interest of protecting my own intellectual property, I thought it best to document this new development in a public forum.

The Jason Wiggins logo was finalized and put into print use on October 1, 2013. Online use began on November 17, 2013.

The date the Wing Wing logo went into use is unknown to me, but Wing Wing’s London location opened on May 17, 2017. The first dated online use that I can find is on their Facebook page on February 13, 2017. That’s 3 years 4 months and 12 days after mine.

09 May 2016
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Freelance Opportunities

Jason Wiggins Creative is a Roswell, GA based design and brand management agency. We are currently seeking self-motivated, freelance designers. Selected candidates will be working with a Fortune 500 company in many facets. Most design work fits an established brand identity and closely follows brand standards. This is a junior designer, possibly up to senior designer role. While the primary workload is print focused, candidates will have some interaction with digital platforms.


  • designing original creative to fit within an established brand identity for both internal and consumer facing materials
  • preparing print files ranging from flyers to environmental graphics
preparing InDesign, Illustrator, and HTML files for use within an online customization system


  • an eye for design and a willingness to do production oriented technical work
  • internship, freelance, or other graphic design experience preferred
  • bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design or related field
  • basic print production knowledge
  • excellent verbal and writing skills
  • proficient in InDesign and Illustrator


  • print production experience
  • familiarity with identity manuals/brand decks
  • HTML, CSS, and JS are a big plus
  • web design/development experience
  • responsive email design experience

Candidates must have:

  • ability to work from home
  • ability to meet during regular business hours in the East Cobb/Roswell area on an ongoing basis
  • their own Mac
  • Creative Cloud subscription preferred (a minimum of Creative Suite 6 is sufficient)

If we sound like a good fit for you, send your resume and a link to your portfolio to No phone calls please.

25 Jun 2014
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Don’t sacrifice your brand for your advertisers.

Your brand deserves protection. When a user walks into your brick and mortar location, or visits your website, they should know where they are. At a bare minimum, they should at least know what industry your business is in. Take the following web page as an example.
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29 Jan 2014
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The Guards Are Drunk

You just want into your account. But the guardian (log in window) of your account is drunk and belligerent. Giving you bad directions and making you jump through hoops, as if for its own amusement. Technical limitations may have resulted in these solutions. However, a more elegant solution was surely possible. Other options are offered up below, but these may not have worked within the limitations of their respective environments. Read more!